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MONDAY  MARCH 2nd– h 11:10

Welcome party offered by CIAO ITALIA – FREE


WEDNESDAY MARCH 4th– h 14:30

Presentation of the school activities, events and museums in Rome by MARCO– FREE


THURSDAY MARCH 5th – h 14:30

FILM “La grande bellezza” by Paolo Sorrentino– FREE


SATURDAY MARCH 8th– h 10:30

Guided visit with CARLA “Ponte’s women: PONTE district”- € 5/10




WEDNESDAY MARCH 11th– h 13:15

LET’S HAVE LUNCH TOGETHER in a restaurant in the neighborhood about € 13/15

                                                  h 14:30

FILM “La migliore offerta” by Giuseppe Tornatore– FREE


SATURDAY MARCH 14th– h 15:30

Guided visit with CARLA “Augusto, first Emperor”- € 10 + € 2




WEDNESDAY MARCH 18th– h 14:30

FILM “Il capitale umano” by Paolo Virzì– FREE


THURSDAY MARCH 19th – h 15:00

Tickets Reservation for the BORGHESE GALLERY 2 hours visit


FRIDAY MARCH 20th– h 18:00

COOKING LESSON – from € 35


SATURDAY MARCH 22nd– h 9.30

Guided visit with CARLA “Borromini’s Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza”- € 10 + € 2




WEDNESDAY MARCH 25th – h 14:30

FILM “The place” by Paolo Genovese– FREE


THURSDAY MARCH 26th – h 14:30



FRIDAY MARCH 27th– h 16.00

Guided visit with ALESSIA “Churches of Roman baroque”- € 8


SATURDAY MARCH 28th– h 16.00

VIRTUAL TOUR of Imperial Rome”- € 23



For further info check the news board before each event