The teaching method adopted at Ciao Italia is a communicative one: the most effective according to the most recent educational studies and based on the extensive experience of the Director and the Teachers, all mother tongue and highly qualified in teaching Italian as a second language.

The main objective of our courses is to enable our students to communicate in Italian in the shortest time possible. The study of grammar is analysed but never an end in itself. The students are encouraged to practice the language from the beginning in order to improve the linguistic skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in true-to-life communicative situations.

The friendly and relaxing atmosphere encourages quick and easy learning of the language. Thanks to the teachers’ professionality and enthusiasm, learning Italian will not only be rewarding but also fun. The students will be in control of their learning process.
All the students will be provided with a text book at the start of the course and, subsequently, with a wide variety of up-to date didactic material, which will show the real use of the language.


The classes are composed of a maximum of 12 students of different nationalities who have a similar language level. On arrival all the students – except beginners – take an Entry Test, to assess their current level of Italian in order to be placed in the appropriate class.

The teaching structure is divided in 5 levels according with the European Framework:

  1. Absolute Beginners Level (A1).
  2. Elementary Level (A2): for those who have a basic knowledge.
  3. Pre-intermediate Level (B1): for those who are starting to get deeper into the knowledge of the language.
  4. Intermediate Level (B2): for those who are able to communicate in the most common uses of the language.
  5. Advanced level (C1/C2): for students who have a good knowledge of the language, both theoretical and practical but who wish to perfect their knowledge.