Ciao Italia offers Italian Courses for all levels using a communicative teaching method: the most effective according to the most recent educational studies and based on the extensive experience of the Director and the Teachers, all mother tongue and highly qualified in teaching Italian as a second language.

Special Summer Offer:

Standard Courses: € 85 per week (2 lessons per day) – € 130 per week (4 lessons per day).

Individual Courses from €24/h

Extensive Online Courses € 96 (12 lessons)

Choose the right Course for you ! 

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes.

Standard (S1)1 week20195
Standard (S2)2 weeks40370
Standard (S3)3 weeks60530
Standard (S4)4 weeks80655
Added week (S1)1 week20160
3 months standard (22% discount)12 weeks2401.530
6 months standard (27% discount)24 weeks4802.870
Intensive (I1)1 week20 + 10465
Intensive (I2)2 weeks40 + 20905
Intensive (I3)3 weeks60 + 301.315
Intensive (I4)4 weeks80 + 401.670
Intensive (IA1)1 week20 + 5345
Intensive (IA2)2 weeks40 + 10660
Intensive (IA3)3 weeks60 + 15950
Intensive (IA4)4 weeks80 + 201.195
Extensive (E2)4 weeks16150
Extensive (E2) via skype4 weeks12105
Extensive (E3)4 weeks24205
Conversation Courses (C.C.)2 weeks min.20205
Special courses (S.C.)4 weeks16195
Guide to listening to the Italian Opera4 weeks8280
Individual lessons135
Individual lessons10335
Individual lessons20635
Individual lessons30900
Courses via Skype129
Courses via Skype10290 (29 €/h)
Courses via Skype20560 (28 €/h)
Courses via Skype30 810 (27 €/h)
Amateur cooking coursefrom 35

Classroom Courses registration fee € 45 – including course material, entry test and final certificate, accommodation service, use of the school facilities – library, video library, Internet – and some social and cultural activities.

Online Courses registration Fee € 20 – including  initial level test, teaching material, final certificate of the Italian level achieved.

11 + 11 =