Upon request, Ciao Italia can issue, a final certificate at the end of the course which states the type of course attended, period of attendance and level of Italian knowledge attained.

CERTIFICATE OF ENROLMENT valid to apply for a Study Visa

On request, Ciao Italia can issue an certificate of enrolment, which enables the student to apply for a Study Visa or to obtain a permit to stay (Permesso di soggiorno).
Applicants who are not citizens of the European Union and who want to enrol for a period exceeding 3 months need to make a request for a visa for study purposes at their home country Italian Embassy beforehand. In order to obtain a study visa a Certificate of Enrolment is required.

Ciao Italia will issue a Certificate of Enrolment to students who apply for a Study Visa only after receiving a payment of their bill and only for the duration of the language course.
Within 30 days before the Course starts, if the visa application is rejected, the applicant is entitled to a complete refund less an administrative fee of €50 (bank fees at the student’s expenses).

Please note that if your Study Visa application is rejected and you ask for the refund within 30 days or less the Course starts you will have a refund less the deposit paid of 200 Euro (bank fees at the student expenses).
In both cases we need, as evidence, the Italian Embassy rejection letter.
After having obtained the visa for study purposes, it is not possible to cancel or change the dates of the courses for which the visa has been obtained.
“We also inform you that Consulates abroad can issue a study visa, for more than three months, only for registrations in at least 20-hour per week courses. We advice to get all possible information at the Italian Embassies to know of all the required documentation needed to apply for a visa. To obtain a study visa each student is required to pay the first two months of the course in advance plus 20% deposit on the remaining months.”